See the Southwest Via Luxury Rail

Experience the Southwest by luxury train on Rocky Mountaineer’s newest route. Rockies to the Red Rocks. The train travels only during the day and features oversized windows, so you do not miss a moment of the ever-changing landscapes. From vast canyons and chromatic deserts, to red sandstone that twists through the bright blue sky, this stunning rail route is filled with highlights best seen from their expansive glass dome … Continue reading See the Southwest Via Luxury Rail

Wellness Retreats

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes plenty of opportunity to unwind, relax and recharge, then a wellness retreat may be just what you need.  Wellness retreats are geared toward the mind, body and spirit, with everything from meditation and yoga to natural remedies and organic cuisine to a variety of outdoor activities. They’re places where you can leave feeling rejuvenated.   The Travel Leaders SELECT … Continue reading Wellness Retreats

Women’s History Inspired Travel

March is Women’s History Month — a time to honor the contributions of American women in all walks of life. Whenever you’re ready to travel, you can help celebrate their accomplishments by visiting national parks, museums and landmarks across the country.  Seneca Falls, in upstate New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region, holds a special place in American history. In 1848, it was the site of a gathering that launched the movement to secure women’s right … Continue reading Women’s History Inspired Travel

How a trip to London has inspired my daughter

In August 2019 my husband (Dave), then eight-year old daughter (Natalie) and I spent four nights in London prior to boarding a cruise out of Southampton to Norway. We packed a ton of sight seeing into those three days starting on arrival day with a boat ride on the Thames to Greenwich. While on the Thames we passed under the Tower Bridge and saw many … Continue reading How a trip to London has inspired my daughter

Scrapbooking: Savor the Memories of Your Past Travels

Making a scrapbook is a great way to preserve memories of your vacation. Whether it’s electronic or can be placed on your end table, it’s creative, fun to look through, and an easy way to share your travel memories with family and friends. Whether you’re new at putting together a scrapbook or a pro, this is a good time to savor the memories of your … Continue reading Scrapbooking: Savor the Memories of Your Past Travels

Traveler Tale: Unreal Experience in Tanzania

On July 18th we received a Vacation Request from Jennifer saying that she wanted to ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ and book a trip to Tanzania. At the time, Tanzania was one of the few countries permitting American visitors. With a lot of help from our supplier partner, Gilt Edge, we were able to plan and book a 10-day trip to Tanzania for Jennifer and … Continue reading Traveler Tale: Unreal Experience in Tanzania

Four Hours to a Warm Weather Getaway

As temperatures get cooler, it’s time to plan a warm-weather getaway to a place where you can sit on the beach, bask in the sunshine and enjoy outdoor activities. Three of the most popular options — Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic — are a short plane ride away (4 hours or less) from from Milwaukee plus, December 2020 through April 2021 non-stop flights are … Continue reading Four Hours to a Warm Weather Getaway