TV-Inspired Vacations

If your favorite TV show or streaming series has inspired your travel dreams, why not plan a trip to see the places where it was filmed?  The Netflix series “Bridgerton,” based on Julia Quinn’s romance novels, explores life among the nobility during England’s 19th-century Regency era. The city of Bath, a 90-minute train ride from London, is a center of Regency history. A Bridgerton tour … Continue reading TV-Inspired Vacations

Visiting National Parks in 2022

If you have visiting a national park on your travel bucket list, this a good time to plan that dream vacation ahead of the summer rush. And if you’re a veteran park visitor, you know there’s always more to see. Here’s some of what’s coming up for 2022.  The National Park Service offers free entrance days during the year, including April 16, the first day … Continue reading Visiting National Parks in 2022

Fill Your Heart With Ireland

If modern life has left you running on empty and yearning for more authentic experiences, then the island of Ireland is the perfect antidote. Ireland is more than just a destination, it’s a feeling. Ireland doesn’t do seasons: year-round, it will refill your heart with the joyful love of life. And the great news is that it’s only a six-to seven-hour flight away. Things to do … Continue reading Fill Your Heart With Ireland

Beach Vacations Stateside

If you’re looking for vacation with sun, sand and lots to do away from the beach but you’re not ready to travel abroad, consider these two destinations on opposite coasts: Santa Monica, California, and the Palm Beaches region of Florida.  Set along a 3½-mile stretch of coastline just south of Malibu, Santa Monica has the laid-back vibe of a beach town along with celebrated hotels … Continue reading Beach Vacations Stateside

Family Travel

With the COVID vaccine now available to younger children, many parents who’ve stayed close to home for the past couple of years are planning a family vacation in 2022.   Just as adults have missed traveling to new and exciting destinations, kids have missed those opportunities, too. And just like adults, they have their bucket list of places they’d like to visit.   One way to make this first family trip in … Continue reading Family Travel